A Story of a Belly Full of Worry

Are we all sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin.
This is the story of a belly full of worry.
Night falls over a rainy Wales and a girl sits at her desk, making orders for her online shop and thinking about the future. Now, the funny thing about the future is that no matter how happy you felt spending a sunny day with your loved ones, when that gloom starts to sink, that bright and wonderul future you saw just moments ago dissappears like a weight into water.
The colossal landslide of thoughts is unbearable. Who is she to think she’ll be able to make a living illustrating and selling her dog collars? Who’s even intrested in such things? What makes her special, what gives her the right?
Sat at her desk, the girl feels deflated and alone.
But out from the gloom a little dog comes, jumping up to share the chair, bringing his baby hedgehog toy with him. He pushes away the gloom, just like he pushes away her duvet on a cold night, trying to slide gracefully under the covers but just being adorably terrible at it. He snuggles in, carving room for himself. He brought Hog to see you, why are you sad? Hog is here and he squeaks like this!
His furry head smells like puppy, like home. He is the reason she opened her dog wear shop. He’s the one she draws. The one who keeps her going through the day when her joints hurt and her head is foggy. The one who steals all her duvet at night.
He’s the one who brings her his Hog when the gloom brings doubt.
Who is she to think she won’t be able to make a living illustrating and selling her dog collars? Who is she to think nobody will be intrested in such things? Why wouldn’t she be special? Why would she not have the right?
He brought her Hog and together they can do anything.

I'm Emily, an illustrator and maker who resides in North of the UK. I live with my boyfriend and our whippet, Ziggy. I spend my free time roaming the UK with Ziggy, taking photos and sharing with you all the best dog friendly joints we find.

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