Once upon a time, I used to lovingly kill every houseplant I touched. I really wanted to surround myself with the beautiful plants I saw but it seemed no matter what I tried, I just wasn’t a plant person.

Then came the fateful day I stumbled upon the beautiful MoonKo.

Lifestyle boutique MoonKo resides on Division Street in Sheffield, a great little road full of independent shops and eateries. Full of treasures, MoonKo stocks and showcase the work of a number of independent artists and makers as well as designing and making their own products. When you enter the shop, you’ll find a stunning array of ceramics, jewellery, cards and prints- everything handmade.

Debbie, the owner of MoonKo, is an astounding font of compassion and knowledge. One of the kindest people I know, I’m always amazed at the lengths she goes to help those around her. The ethos of MoonKo is to be as kind to the planet as possible and she is the embodiment of this. Continuously busy, she always makes time for a little chat and a cuddle with Ziggy, helping me find so many wonderful pet-safe plants to add to my indoor jungle.

Then there’s the plants. Oh, the plants! I bought my first proper plant, a beautiful trailing Scindapsus pictus, from MoonKo (I promptly killed it with love). No matter how silly a plant question seemed to me, Debbie would answer it well, helping me to learn from my mistakes and move on to better things. Without even knowing it, Debbie encouraged me to learn about the botanical, something I now love momentously. Years after our first meet, I live in a house full of plants and I adore it. If I’m ever having a bad moment, I will happily potter about with my plants and immediately start to feel better.

MoonKo Plants
Ziggy relaxing during one of Debbie's workshops​
Ziggy relaxing during one of Debbie's workshops​

MoonKo can be found at 89 Division Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK. Dogs are welcomed (but please be mindful that some plants are toxic so keep an eye out for any rouge nibbling!)

They also have an online shop selling all from plants and plant pots to prints and jewellery. Debbie also teaches  and hosts fantastic workshops which I have been lucky enough to attend a few of. I’d highly recommend ‘How to Approach and Sell to Shops’ to anyone wishing to do so, be you just starting or having been in the game a while. Her ‘Houseplant and Growing Gathering’ was another that was fabulous for anyone looking to gain more knowledge on plant care. You can stay up to date by following their Instagram (@moonko___) which has an aesthetic to die for.

MoonKo is an abundance of treasures led by one of the most wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in Sheffield. If you have a chance to stop by, do so. You won’t regret it.

MoonKo, Sheffield

I'm Emily, an illustrator and maker who resides in North of the UK. I live with my boyfriend and our whippet, Ziggy. I spend my free time roaming the UK with Ziggy, taking photos and sharing with you all the best dog friendly joints we find.

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