Dog Friendly Pumpkin Picking

Annoyingly, pumpkin fields are surrounded by, well fields. Without a car it’s damn hard work to get to one. Even if you manage to find one nearby, you’d would have had to have struggled on public transport there (and back with your haul!).

Before we got the car, I’d written off visiting a pick your own pumpkin patch as something we couldn’t do. Last year, it wasn’t until the end of pumpkin season that I realised that a road trip was in order. I spent the year eagerly awaiting my favourite season before roping in my partner and some friends and off on a road trip we went!

We visited Cattows Farm, a well recommended dog-friendly Pumpkin Patch in Leicestershire. Setting off on a very muddy Sunday, Ziggy and Daisy had a great time trampling through the mud.

Whilst Ziggy was more interested in sniffing the long grass and looking off into the distance in that majestic sighthound way, Daisy had a great time picking her own squash, lifting it out of the wheelbarrow every time one of us humans returned it.

We did try for a Ziggy in the wheelbarrow photo but the little duke didn’t think much of that idea! I don’t blame him though, it did look a bit wobbly!

I’d definitely recommend visiting a pick your own pumpkin field as a simple and cheap day out. Our whole haul cost a mere £7 and despite the mud, I had a fantastic time photographing the dogs. Hopefully next Autumn will see us back at the pumpkin patch, mud or no mud!

Cattows Farm, Dog Friendly Pumpkin Picking

I'm Emily, an illustrator and maker who resides in North of the UK. I live with my boyfriend and our whippet, Ziggy. I spend my free time roaming the UK with Ziggy, taking photos and sharing with you all the best dog friendly joints we find.

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