Recently Time Has Felt Endless

Recently time has felt endless. Sat illustrating at my desk, time passes effortlessly, gliding by as I draw. And yet somehow every time I stop to pause, time draws its own story. It seems without end and yet unabashed by how little of it there seems to be. Working alone is lonely. Until we moved away from our city, I never thought that I was lonely in the day. Surrounded by the people and places you love, it’s not hard reach out when you need to. When I left work, I was surrounded by friends who were only a message away. Surrounded by love. Yet now I feel alone. Stretched so far from my tribe, I feel lost and my purpose grows weary. Recently time has felt endless.

This is the first time I’ve seen the years #MarchMeetTheMaker prompts when they were released. The first time I’ve had the notice to preplan my photos and captions for each day. Have I done that? Have I heck. Time has escaped me yet again.

I'm Emily, an illustrator and maker who resides in North of the UK. I live with my boyfriend and our whippet, Ziggy. I spend my free time roaming the UK with Ziggy, taking photos and sharing with you all the best dog friendly joints we find.

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