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    Recently Time Has Felt Endless

    Recently time has felt endless. Sat illustrating at my desk, time passes effortlessly, gliding by as I draw. And yet somehow every time I stop to pause, time draws its own story. It seems without end and yet unabashed by how little of it there seems to be. Working alone is lonely. Until we moved away from our city, I never thought that I was lonely in the day. Surrounded by the people and places you love, it’s not hard reach out when you need to. When I left work, I was surrounded by friends who were only a message away. Surrounded by love. Yet now I feel alone. Stretched…

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    A Story of a Belly Full of Worry

    Are we all sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin. This is the story of a belly full of worry. Night falls over a rainy Wales and a girl sits at her desk, making orders for her online shop and thinking about the future. Now, the funny thing about the future is that no matter how happy you felt spending a sunny day with your loved ones, when that gloom starts to sink, that bright and wonderul future you saw just moments ago dissappears like a weight into water. The colossal landslide of thoughts is unbearable. Who is she to think she’ll be able to make a living illustrating and selling…

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    Top 5 Must Have Walk Essentials

    You’ve said the magic words. From somewhere in the house, the beast awakens. He clambouring upright and crashing down the stairs to find you. Within mere seconds, he stands in front of you. Half covered by the blanket he’s brought with him, the hound yawns, wagging his tail. Did someone say a walk…? Every dog owner knows that you can’t just leave the house for a walk without supplies. Here’s some of our essentials:

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    Once upon a time, I used to lovingly kill every houseplant I touched. I really wanted to surround myself with the beautiful plants I saw but it seemed no matter what I tried, I just wasn’t a plant person. Then came the fateful day I stumbled upon the beautiful MoonKo. Lifestyle boutique MoonKo resides on Division Street in Sheffield, a great little road full of independent shops and eateries. Full of treasures, MoonKo stocks and showcase the work of a number of independent artists and makers as well as designing and making their own products. When you enter the shop, you’ll find a stunning array of ceramics, jewellery, cards and…

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    Dog Friendly Pumpkin Picking

    Annoyingly, pumpkin fields are surrounded by, well fields. Without a car it’s damn hard work to get to one. Even if you manage to find one nearby, you’d would have had to have struggled on public transport there (and back with your haul!). Before we got the car, I’d written off visiting a pick your own pumpkin patch as something we couldn’t do. Last year, it wasn’t until the end of pumpkin season that I realised that a road trip was in order. I spent the year eagerly awaiting my favourite season before roping in my partner and some friends and off on a road trip we went! We visited Cattows…

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    Whippet Whirl Sheffield – October 2019

    For a weekend forecast for moody skies and raincoats, the October 2019 Whippet Whirl Sheffield saw a sea of happy noses zooming around in the sun. Speedy paws made short work of the muddy grass, flying around the huddle of humans without a care in the world. As all previous whirl goers know, it’s always important to carry lots of treats and to make sure that you know where to give the best scratches to ensure you receive a maximum amount of pointy nosed cuddles throughout the afternoon. Treats or no treats, there’s always hounds that’ll pose for the camera in the sun. Though we do look to be missing…