About Us


I’m an illustrator and maker living with my partner and our whippet Ziggy. I spend my time drawing,Β taking photographsΒ and creating for our dog wear shop StarDogDesigns. I’m a houseplant addict and am easily distracted by dogs of all kinds.

Emily and the Whippet was created as a place for me to share dog friendly eateries. Knowing Ziggy and I were often out on adventures together, I had so many people ask me where they could go for food with their own dogs that I decided to create a map of our favourite dog friendly joints. This has now grown exponentially, covering the UK and Ireland, thanks to the many loving suggestions we have received. Emily and the Whippet is also where IΒ share Ziggy and I’s adventures, my work and anything else life might throw at us.

The Whippet (aka Ziggy Stardog)

We picked Ziggy up in the October of 2017, a cute little bundle of paws with a surprising nack for taking up all the room on the sofa. Soon he grew into a beautiful young hound, still with a nack for taking up all the room on the sofa.

He spends the majority of his time sleeping in piles of blankets or zooming around with his friends. He’s become an expert at finding the perfect napping nook in coffee shops, stealing room in the bed and cuddling anyone who sits still for more than a few seconds.

He’s an assistance dog in training, as well as a therapy dog with Therapy Dogs Nationwide.